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Cathie Ericson writes about personal finance, real estate, health, lifestyle, and business topics. When she's not writing she loves to read, hike, and run. Find her @CathieEricson.

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6 Home Hazards to Avoid This Winter

Staying in this winter? Find out how to avoid these 6 surprising home hazards.

Safe and smart | Home safety

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3 Things to Know About Holiday Charitable Giving

Smart donors make sure their holiday charitable giving is going where it’ll do the most good. Here’s how to do it.

Smart technology | Smart finances

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4 Hacks to Help You Save on Gas

No matter what you drive (or how often), everyone wants to save money on gas. Check out 4 hacks that’ll help you pay less at the pump.

DIY hacks | For your finances

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Thanksgiving Hacks: 6 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied While You Cook

Cooking this year? Here are 6 Thanksgiving activities to keep kids out of the kitchen (and help you have a more festive celebration).

DIY hacks | Home and garden

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Are You Paying Too Much for Rental Car Gas?

Should you prepay for rental car gas? Here are 3 options your rental car agency may offer, plus the pros and cons of each.

Travel hacks | Getting there