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Cathie Ericson writes about personal finance, real estate, health, lifestyle, and business topics. When she's not writing she loves to read, hike, and run. Find her @CathieEricson.

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Tips for Firewood Safety

The kind of firewood you have and how it’s stored matters in keeping your fire hot and your house safe. Here’s what you need to know about firewood safety.

Safe and smart

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How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Kids

Got kids? Here are 7 ways to make celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids easier and fun (no sitter required!). 

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5 Best Holiday Light Displays in the U.S.

‘Tis the season for crazy holiday lights! Here are the 5 best holiday light displays in the U.S. (prepare to be dazzled).

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Holiday Decoration Tips For Renters

Who says homeowners get to have all the holiday decor fun? Check out 3 decoration tips that’ll keep you on your landlord’s nice list.

Safe and smart | Home safety

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7 Ways to Modernize Your Holiday Decorations 

Does your holiday décor look like the ghost of Christmas past? Modernize your decorations with these 7 tips.  

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