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If variety is the spice of a copywriter’s life, then Anne’s career at Esurance was akin to sassafras. From 2010 to 2014, she added a touch of zest to topics ranging from cleaning with baking soda to becoming a first-time homeowner.

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How to Disaster-Proof Insurance

Since September is National Preparedness Month, now’s a good time to make sure you’re ready for anything nature throws your way. And of course, that means disaster-proofing your insurance too.

Car insurance 101 | Homeowners 101 | Renters 101

The New-Car Smell: Happy or Hazardous?

Some things in life are mysterious. Like Spam. Or that new-car smell. And while we can’t explain the mysteries behind mystery meat, we can tell you where new cars get their smell.

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The History of the Car Radio: From Morse Code to Mixtapes

To honor our beloved car radio, the invention that made road trips more fun, and long, straight stretches of blacktop more bearable, we unearthed a bit of car radio history.

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Top 3 Boating Safety Tips

Unless you’re some kind of insurance guru (which we highly doubt), chances are you have a few questions about PWC insurance. We can help.

Insurance 101 | Safe and smart

3 Hot Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool

Find out how the greenhouse effect heats your car’s interior and get 3 simple tips for keeping your car cool.

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