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As copywriter for Esurance, Alex had professional experience in everything from film to literature to (thanklessly!) correcting the grammar in friends' emails. As a fervent Minnesota sports fan, he spends most of his non-writing time gently weeping into cereal bowls.

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5 Zen Road Trip Tips

Lose the stress, find your Zen, and pack light.

Destinations | Getting there

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Who’s Covered Under My Car Insurance Policy?

Lending your car to someone? Make sure they’re covered under your insurance policy first.

Car insurance 101

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Do Automatic Braking Systems Save Lives?

These days, many cars can stop on their own — but should they? Find out if automatic braking systems are really making a dent in car accident claims.

Safe and smart | Smart technology

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Popular Car Colors and What They Say About You

What’s written in the stars (or at least the owner’s manual) about your personality?

Getting there

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Using Out-of-State Car Insurance: Possible or Not Possible?

Do you always need car insurance from the same state you live in? Our customer service reps break down this common question from our Facebook users.

Car insurance 101

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