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As copywriter for Esurance, Alex had professional experience in everything from film to literature to (thanklessly!) correcting the grammar in friends' emails. As a fervent Minnesota sports fan, he spends most of his non-writing time gently weeping into cereal bowls.

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Range Anxiety: 5 Tips For Electric Vehicle Drivers

Range anxiety is the one thing standing between you and the joy of driving an electric vehicle. Scratch that — used to be the one thing.

DIY hacks | Getting there

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7 Surprising Ways You Might Be Violating Your Apartment’s Lease

You didn’t know you were accidentally causing a lease violation — but your landlord might. Stay in the know when it comes to your apartment lease.

Renters 101

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5 Epic Summer-Ending Family Road Trips

Only so many days left before going back to school. Luckily, with these family road trips, you should have no problem spending them wisely.

Destinations | Getting there

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The Nitty-Gritty of No-Fault Insurance

There’s a decent chance you already have no-fault insurance — and an even better chance you don’t know why. We’ll fix that.

Insurance 101 | Car insurance 101

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The Hidden Hazards of Summer Vehicles

Boats, golf carts, and other summer vehicles are fun, but they can be dangerous too. Test your safety knowledge and prepare to relax the smart way.

Insurance 101 | Destinations

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