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As copywriter for Esurance, Alex had professional experience in everything from film to literature to (thanklessly!) correcting the grammar in friends' emails. As a fervent Minnesota sports fan, he spends most of his non-writing time gently weeping into cereal bowls.

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US Open Dictionary: A Complete Guide to Tennis Terms

Don’t let confusing tennis terms derail your US Open enjoyment. Learn the lingo like a pro.


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Travelers Beware: 6 Hand Gestures That Could Get You in Hot Water Overseas

Want to blend in with the locals? It starts with knowing what hand gestures to avoid abroad.

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How To Name Your Boat (and Why It Matters)

Turn your vessel into a true pearl with these tips on how to name your boat.

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How Insurance Could Conquer the NBA Playoffs

Navigating the NBA Playoffs takes precision, savvy, and a sixth sense for coverage gaps. Sounds like just the job for an insurer.

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(Not) Hot Off the Presses! 3 Bold New Car Inventions

Insurance-friendly car inventions have come a long way. How much further can (or should) they go?

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