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As copywriter for Esurance, Alex had professional experience in everything from film to literature to (thanklessly!) correcting the grammar in friends' emails. As a fervent Minnesota sports fan, he spends most of his non-writing time gently weeping into cereal bowls.

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7 Unforgettable Movie Homes You’d Hate to Insure

You’ve laughed, cried, and gasped over these movie homes. But it takes insuring them for things to really get messy.

Homeowners 101

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Bowwow Powwow: What You’re Getting Wrong about Pet Insurance

In an exclusive interview, our 4-legged expert sorts through pet insurance myths (and, if there’s time, the trash).

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Valet Parking Confessions: What Happens After You Hand Over the Keys

This former garage gopher reveals the sometimes scandalous (sometimes pine-scented) secrets of the valet parking world.

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Why We Should Embrace Roundabouts

The U.S. has been slow to adopt the roundabout. It’s time to stop spinning our wheels.

DIY hacks

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Recycle or Trash? Proper Waste Disposal of Tricky Items

Curb the bin confusion — learn proper waste disposal for these 5 head-scratching household items.

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