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As copywriter for Esurance, Alex had professional experience in everything from film to literature to (thanklessly!) correcting the grammar in friends' emails. As a fervent Minnesota sports fan, he spends most of his non-writing time gently weeping into cereal bowls.

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Cars vs. Mardi Gras Floats: Which Is the Better Ride?

What if we stopped driving cars … and drove Mardi Gras floats instead? One writer weighs the pros and cons of his dream.

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Worst Cities for Drivers: Los Angeles

One Esurance writer vents about the 5 worst parts of driving in his town: Los Angeles. How does it compare to your hometown?

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Stick Shift

Chances are you don’t drive a stick. Why on earth not?

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8 Killer Songs for Surviving Gridlock (and One Victory Tune)

Which songs will put you in your happy place come rush hour?

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How to Train Your Dog for Holiday Road Trips

Uncomfortable dogs can lead to distracted driving. Here’s how to train your dog to love your ride.

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