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Are You Sure You Want to Be an UberX Driver?

Driving for a company like UberX might seem like a great way to make cash, but gaps in your insurance coverage could leave you holding the bag.

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Epic Fail: Minicars Perform Terribly in New Crash Test

The small overlap front crash test is an important measure of vehicle structure. Find out how 11 minicar models held up.

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8 States to Increase the Number of Zero-Emission Vehicles

Leaders from 8 states lay the groundwork to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

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Best Booster Seats: See Which Models Top the List

The right booster seat can mean better protection. Find out which ones offer the best fit.

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Do Synchronized Traffic Lights Really Solve Congestion Woes?

Los Angeles recently became the first metropolis to use fully synchronized traffic lights. Yet LA still ranks as the worst city in the country for traffic. Why?

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