Stats show more than half of Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Irish or not. And hot on its heels is March Madness, another big drinking event. And that means it’s time to start thinking about safe celebrations — including how to take care of your designated driver.

While St. Patrick’s Day is known as a time of revelry, it has a dangerous side too. Alcohol-related car crashes claim a life every 74 minutes on St. Paddy’s Day. And 75 percent of fatal St. Pat’s Day car crashes involve a driver who’s consumed twice the legal limit of alcohol.

If those stats have you seeing red instead of green, there’s one way to stay safe: appoint a DD or be one yourself. Now, we all know, being a DD can be a bummer, especially on days like St. Patrick’s Day when revelers seem to be having all the fun. But, just remember, they’re having all the fun until the next day. (And that’s when you’ll be having all the fun since you won’t have a crushing headache.)

With St. Patrick’s Day 2017 falling on a Friday and March Madness right behind, the party possibilities are in full swing. So here are 6 ways you can show some love to your DD.

1. Have some festive drinks available

While everyone else is drinking a signature cocktail or green beer, tap water (or soda water if you’re fancy) or soft drinks are usually the only refreshments available for a DD. Boooooring. Level up your nonalcoholic drink game with some better options, like fancy mocktails. We have it on good authority that this almond-fennel cooler is delicious. You can also take a nonalcoholic twist on some “traditional” St. Paddy’s Day faves. Try an Irish Coffee made with a homemade flavored creamer. Or you could offer an alcohol-free version of the Irish Rose, using one ounce lemon juice, one ounce cherry juice, and 3 ounces of soda water.

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2. Give them a present 

At the beginning of the evening, show your DD that you care with a little gift. Could be a book they’d love or a bottle of their fave drink to enjoy on another occasion.

3. Cover their tab 

Yep, you should pay for their dinner. And dessert. And the parking fee. After all, they’re saving you from cab fare, the shame of calling your parents, and, worse, a DUI. Once you consider all those factors, that tab to take care of your designated driver looks like a small price to pay, doesn’t it?

4. Include them in the fun 

They won’t be drinking during the drinking games, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to play. In fact, let them choose the game, the sillier the better. It’s only fair that they get a laugh out of your condition.

5. Return the favor 

Next time, it’s their turn to imbibe. Right? It’s only fair.

6. Respect your DD 

That’s the biggest gift of all. If they say you’ve had too much, chances are good you have. So, when the DD says it’s time to go, it’s time to go! No ifs, ands, or buts. Your DD is possibly saving your life and the lives of others, so remember to show them the courtesy of respect.

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