Smart home technology, still considered to be in its relative infancy, is taking off and showing off. While there’s been a ton of innovation around the home (think: wearable sensors, home lighting, smart thermostats), the next generation of connected technology is promising more bells, more whistles, and more WOW. Here are 5 new smart home products you have to see to believe.

1. Fridges from the future

Want to monitor your food supply, online grocery shop, play music, watch TV, or coordinate calendars all from your refrigerator door? Part cold food storage, part home entertainment center, part personal assistant, smart refrigerators are recasting the quintessential kitchen appliance as a centerpiece of family life. LG and Samsung are both major players in the space, offering models with features ranging from Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreens and displays to built-in cameras.

2. Your own private dry cleaner

Innovations in clothing care are poised to turn your laundry room into an at-home dry cleaner (minus the paper tickets and pesky plastic bags). These all-in-one systems (see the LG Styler or the SWASH® as examples) can steam, sanitize, and gently press your delicate, dry-clean only garments in minutes.

3. Good night mattresses

Smart beds (like those from ReST Bed™ and it™ bed) have arrived. Using wireless and sensor technology to help you get a better night’s sleep, these mattresses allow you to adjust firmness based on preference (some even have separate settings for separate sides!), track your sleep quality (built-in sensors monitor breathing, heart rate, and movement), and connect to your other devices for shut-eye-related reporting.

4. Breathe better

Adapt to indoor air conditions in real time! Monitor air quality and send alerts! Operate and schedule remotely through a mobile app! Next gen air purifiers (like those from Rabbit Air® and Airmega) not only look about a thousand times nicer than the air purifiers of yore, but they also offer a range of features and functionality that can take your home air purification game to a new level.

5. A Wi-Fi-enabled workout

From smart scales that track and recognize different users to intelligent yoga mats that correct your posture as you pose, the home workout space is getting way, way smarter. Using advancements in sensor technology, new products are offering more data, more analysis and more real-time advice to help you reach your fitness goals, wherever you are.

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