8 Buddhist Quotes to Ease Modern Road Rage

2,500 years ago, when the sagely Buddha (of Buddhism fame) began fasting on one grain of rice per day, sleeping on nails, letting his buddies rub his belly, and generally experiencing unpleasant things in the name of enlightenment, we doubt he had curing road rage in mind.

Then again, it’s hard to prove he didn’t.

Yes, some may say the great Siddhartha was driven by the urge to understand suffering and improve society with humility. Others contend he was just so steamed at people for hogging 2 parking spaces at Costco that he needed a way to avoid losing it.

Either way, Buddha gave us some undeniable pearls of wisdom to help manage our driving anger and keep car insurance premiums low.

Here are 8 Buddhist quotes to make stress disappear faster — handily translated for the modern driving world.

1. “3 things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

Translation: It’s not up to you (or your crowbar) to teach speeders a lesson about justice. If they’re truly reckless and lawbreaking, they can’t stay hidden from a cop’s radar gun for long.

2. “To keep the body in good health is a duty … otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Translation: Exercise regularly, eat a good breakfast, and for God’s sake stop drinking 3 espressos before your commute … you’re a ticking time bomb out there!

3. “As we think, so we become.”

Translation: Don’t lash out at the driver behind you because you think he’s tailgating you on purpose. Give it a minute — he’s probably just spacing out listening to NPR.

4. “Just as the dawn is the forerunner of the arising of the sun, so true friendship is the forerunner of the arising of the noble eightfold path.”

Translation: Why not try carpooling? With some pals sharing the ride, you might be less likely to scream at the top of your lungs when someone forgets to signal.

5. “People with opinions just go around bothering each other.”

Translation: You think that’s “your” parking space. The other person thinks it’s “their” parking space. Point is, you’re both just annoying the rest of us. Move on and stop blocking the lane so we can get to the store and buy new tube socks.

6. “A man is not an elder because his head is grey; his age may be ripe, but he is called old in vain.”

Translation: No matter how slow the mature driver ahead of you is going, do not start badgering him or her into a drag race. It’s dangerous and illegal — plus you might get embarrassed by an old-timer with some well-worn tricks.

7. “Let him overcome evil by good. Let him overcome the greedy by liberality.”

Translation: Are drivers who wait until the last second to merge at lane closures so they can get to the front greedy? Probably. But are they evil? Again, probably. Still, instead of closing the gap to keep them from getting in (which is sooo tempting), take a breath, shake it off, and politely wave them forward.

8. “An action, even if it brings benefit to oneself, cannot be considered a good action if it causes physical and mental pain to another.”

Translation: Keying someone’s car is never cool, no matter what they’ve done to you.

Have these Buddhist quotes left you with a feeling of  Zen? Keep reading for even more tips on avoiding road rage and defusing aggressive drivers.

Tire Maintenance: a Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to tires, there’s quite a bit to know — and if you’re not a professional, tire maintenance can be something of an ordeal. So here are some quick tips on how to handle your tires when the pros aren’t there to help.

Tire maintenance tip 1: how to fill your tires

Overinflated and underinflated tires are the leading cause of blowouts. The good news is that they’re easy to avoid with just a little effort and attention. Having the right amount of air in your tires will help keep you safe behind the wheel. And, as an added bonus, you’ll get better gas mileage, too. Most new cars come with an automatic tire pressure monitoring system, but if your car doesn’t have one, checking your tire pressure is a snap.

Step 1: Buy a pressure gauge. Your local auto supply store will have affordable gauges, or you can find a good one online through a trusted retailer.

Step 2: Check your car’s manual or the sticker inside your driver-side door to find the recommended pressure for your tires (this can vary between front and back on some vehicles).

Step 3: Remove the valve stem cap from each tire and push your gauge firmly against the valve to check your tire pressure. (Note: your tires should be cool when you do a pressure check.) Release the gauge quickly to avoid letting out too much air.

Step 4: If the pressure is low, head to the nearest gas station air pump. Attach the hose to your tire’s valve stem and press the handle to pump in air.

Most pumps have a gauge attached so you can monitor how much air you’re putting in. If you accidently overinflate your tires, you can bleed, or release, air to reach the recommended pressure. Simply press the center-pin on the valve stem.

Step 5: Check the pressure one last time before putting the cap back in place.

Most manufacturers advise checking your tire pressure every month. While it’s tempting for most of us to trust our eyes, modern tires can lose several pounds of pressure without looking flat. So grab your handy gauge and try to maintain a monthly routine. And be sure to check on the pressure of your spare from time to time — a flat spare is not much of a spare at all.

Tire maintenance tip 2: how to change a flat tire

At some point in your driving career, an unexpected flat tire is inevitable. If you have cell phone coverage and roadside service, you can call it in. But in case you’re out of range (or just a DIY-er), we have detailed instructions and a super cool video to show you how to fix a flat.

There’s plenty more to learn about tires, but knowing how to inflate and change them can make you a more confident driver. And it sure beats learning the hard way. Just remember, it’s okay to ask a professional if you feel like you’re in over your head.

For more do-it-yourself tips, check out all our How-To videos. You can also get the rundown on important car fluids, learn how to keep your tires clean (for cheap), and boost your car’s value.

Customer Testimonial Video: Esurance Claims

Meet Shannon: wife, small business owner, mother of 3, and Esurance customer since 2008. As you might imagine, the word “busy” is an understatement. So when life throws a curveball (like a torn-up front bumper), she doesn’t have time to deal with claims hassles or repair delays. That’s where Esurance comes in.

After bracing herself for a stress-filled day, the weight was lifted by the simple words of her claims agent: “It’s going to be okay.” And it really was. Within minutes of reporting her claim, Shannon was able to take her car to a nearby body shop, get an estimate (without having to deal with any paperwork), and slip right back into her daily routine.

For Shannon, time is everything. And at Esurance, we recognize that. Her story is yet another example of how we work to make car insurance easier from quote to claim. See for yourself in this customer testimonial:

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3 Close Calls for the World As We Know It

Tomorrow is Near Miss Day, which commemorates March 23, 1989, when a large asteroid missed the Earth by 500,000 miles. Now that may not sound like much of a near miss. But, to put it in perspective: the sun, our nearest star, is a whopping 93 million miles away. So a mere half million miles is really just a (ahem) stone’s throw in galaxy terms.

In honor of Near Miss Day tomorrow, we thank our lucky stars — literally and figuratively — for near misses and close calls of every size, shape, and magnitude.

Another near-miss asteroid

On March 9, 2013, an asteroid the size of 1.5 football fields flew within 240,000 miles of Earth — more than twice as close as the original Near Miss Day asteroid! According to the Stanford News, if this asteroid (called “2013 ET”) hadn’t missed, it would have leveled an area the size of San Francisco Bay. Close call, humans!

Close call for Italian opera stars

Just one day after 2013 ET narrowly missed colliding with Earth, opera star Graeme Danby narrowly missed being pulverized on the stage of Milan’s opera house. The Journal reported that a 55 pound weight plummeted nearly 60 feet during dress rehearsals for A Dog’s Heart, clearing the singer by just a few inches. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the show, as shows must do, went on.

Near miss for rock ‘n’ roll

More figuratively speaking, though no less potentially impactful for the world, was a boy band’s near miss with choosing the wrong name. Could The Pendletones have recorded “Surfer Girl” or “Surfin’ USA”? Hardly! Lucky for all of us, Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike, and Al ultimately opted to call themselves The Beach Boys instead. Whew.

Driving close calls

Light-years away from the star-filled center of the galaxy, far removed from the stages of Milan or the annals of rock history, we driving mortals face near misses more often here on the highways and roundabouts of the real world.

In a recent study commissioned by Ford and reported by USA Today, the majority of U.S. drivers surveyed said they knew something about close calls. In fact, 57 percent said they’d had an accident or close call with someone in their blind spot, 48 percent hit (or almost hit) something while backing out of a parking lot, and 38 percent avoided parallel parking.

And while 99 percent of those surveyed categorized themselves as good drivers, the stats might say otherwise:

  •  76 percent admitted to eating or drinking behind the wheel
  •  55 percent said they speed
  •  53 percent talk on a handheld phone
  •  37 percent drive when they’re too tired
  •  25 percent will pick up their phones and search contacts

Knowing what we know about distracted driving, these numbers go a long way toward explaining the high percentage of driving near misses.

Tell us your driving stories

To celebrate the fact that we’ve yet to be annihilated by a wayward asteroid, tell us about your driving close calls in the comments section below.

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Meet Esurance: Erika V.

Erika V. was on the fast track to success at Esurance before she even started working here. Setting her sights on a career in insurance, the Tampa associate got her insurance license before applying for the job. And, a little over a year after joining the company, she received her first promotion.

Since then, Erika has become her office’s go-to person for all things insurance. As one of Esurance’s sales support leads, our sales agents turn to her with their questions — so they can answer yours.

Her incredible drive, ambition, and perfectionism are evident in the office and on the ice. Yes, Erika is a competitive figure skater … in Florida.

See for yourself:

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