Last week, through our $1.5 million Twitter giveaway, we hand-delivered a pallet of money to this guy. As you might imagine, coordinating such a gigantic giveaway was no small feat (especially since we didn’t know from which great state our lucky winner would hail).

But with a team assembled in the Midwest, we were ready to head in any direction. And as everyone waited anxiously to find out who would win the cash, our film crews captured the excitement involved with moving a huge stack of cash across the country.

Once we knew our winner was located in California, the money left Chicago in a jet and made its way to San Francisco, where it was transported by armored truck to its final destination: John’s house.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to hand-deliver a pallet (yes, pallet!) of money:

As if moving the money wasn’t enough excitement, imaging WINNING the money. Our winner John and his lovely wife were literally struck speechless as Aunt Chippy from Jimmy Kimmel Live! arrived at their door, along with a film crew and small army of Federal Marshals, to deliver the loot.

See what happens when someone brings a pallet of cash to your door:

And in case you missed all the hubbub last week:

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